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Lunch menu

We serve lunch between 11:00 en 16:00.
Do you have an allergy or special wishes? Please inform us!


Ceasar salad egg, parmigiano en anchofish (with chicken +€3,50) €8,50
Shrimp cocktail with whiskey sauce €10,50
Luke warm salad with little gem’s, gorgonzola, poached pear en hazel nuts €9,50
Oven roasted winter veggies salad, parmaham and green herb dressing €8,50


Choice of freshly baked white or brown sourdough bread or French baquette

BLTbacon, lettuce and tomato €6
Hummuscherry tomato and bascilicum €6
Egg saladflavoured with black truffle €6.75
Curried chickenwith masala and pickled vegetables €7,50
Roasted sirloinserved thinly sliced and cold, with green pepper mayonaise €10
Smoked Scottish Salmoncream cheese and dill €9,50
Club sandwichwit romain, bacon, chicken & fried egg €9,00


“Dobbe” Croquettes2 veal ragout croqettes, breaded and deep-fried with sandwiches €6,75
“Wieringer” Shrimp croquettes3 mini croquettes with sandwich €9,00
Fried eggs, 3 piecestopping; cheese, ham, bacon € 1,50 or tomato €1,00 per item €6,00
French fries with “smoor”Indonesian spiced beefstew €9,00
Steak Sandwichgrilled bavette and chimichurri €10,50

Soup of the day

Ask for our special soup of the day €5,00

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Tosticheese €4,50
Tosticheese, ham €4,75
Tosticheese, chickenbreast €5,00
Tostigoatcheese, red onion, tomato and jalapeño pepper €5,50
Tostibrie and red onion confit €5,50
Tosti "Rueben"pastrami, cheese, sauerkraut, served with russian dressing €6,25


Falafelburger, Italian bun, lettuce, tomato and salsa €6,75
100% Black Angus burger100 gram, Italian bun, lettuce, tomato, onion €5,75
100% Black Angus burger200 gram, Italian bun, lettuce, tomato, onion €8,75
toppingcheddar, caramelized onions, jalapeno per item €1,10
toppingbacon, gorgonzola-mascarpone, fried mushrooms per item €1,90
French frieswith home made mayonnaise €3,50


Home made pastry

Apple piewith whipped cream € 0,50 extra €3,50
Browniecallebaut chocolade €3,50
Crème brûléewith vanille €6,50
yoghurt tartwith red fruit, served in a jar €7,00

Dinner menu

We serve dinner between 17:00 and 21:00.
Do you have special wishes or an allergy? Please inform us!

Day Specials

From monday until friday we serve days pecials for only €12,50.

Soup of the day €5,00


Ceasar saladegg, parmigiano en anchofish (extra chickenbreast: € 3,50 €8,50
Salad friseematured cheese, figs, pine nuts, balsamico €8,50
Green asparagusfeta stuffed filo triangles, pommegranate, chilimayonnaise €9,75
Roasted sirlointhinly sliced, served cold with green pepper, pine nuts and rocket salad €11,50
Salmonfiletmarinated in red beetroot and vodka, dill and chives sauce, caraway snaps €12,00

Main courses

Catch of the dayspinach, basmati & wild rice, lemongrass sauceq €19,50
Beef sirloin steak225 gram, french fries and salad €23,50
Breast of guinea fowlwhite asparagus, potatoes and morilles sauce €19,80
Lamb steakin rosemary and garlic, mashed green peas, small new potatoes €21,00
Briquestuffed with spinach, tomatodressing, potato and parsley puree, deep-fried eggyolk €17,50
Chicken satéFrench fries, vegetables pickles €15,00
"Smoor"Indonesian spiced beef stew, basmati rice €16,50


French frieswith home made mayonnaise €3.75
Side Salad met croutons €3,50
Bread and garlic butter& kruidenboter €4,25


Crème brûléewith vanille €6,50
yoghurt cake in a jarwith red fruit €7,00
Pineapple up-side down cakewith vanilla ice-cream €7,50
New York cheese cake €5,25

Snack kaart

We serve snacks between 12:00 and 21:30

Cold dishes

Cold plattersausage, Parmaham, cheese, tapenade, toast €16,00
Fish plattersmoked salmon, tinned sardines, "bycatc" fish croquettes €18,00
Tricana tinned sardineswith toast €7,50
Can of olives "Arte Olive" €4,00

Warm dishes

Deep-fried fingerfood4 bitterball, 4 samosa's, 4 cheesefingers, 4 shrimpofritters €13,00
"Bycatch" fish croquettes €6,00
"Wieringer" grey shrimps croquettes €11,50
Shrimp phyllo fries €6,50
Bitterballen beef €4,75
Bitterballen vegan €5,75
Samosa vegan €4,50
Vegetarian Gyoza with Kimchi €5,25
Beemster cheese croquettes €7,50
Cheese fingers €6,25
Nachosovenbaked with cheese, 2 sauces €7,75
Nachos XL de luxeovenbaked with cheese tomato, chicken, jalapeno, sauces €15,50
french fries with "smoor"with indonesian spiced beefstew €9,00
FalafelburgerItalian bun, lettuce, tomato, onion & salsa €6,75
100 % Black Angus burger 100 gramItalian bun, lettuce, tomato, onion €5,75
100% Black Angus burger 200 gramItalian bun, lettuce, tomato, onion €8,75
Toppings per itemcheddar, caramalized onion or jalapenos €1,10
Toppings per itembacon, gorgonzola-mascarpone or fried mushrooms €1,90